About Pulls

Pulls is a tool created and maintained by Mike () for helping provide the player and collector communities a cost-free and ad-free resource for tracking card pull rates of both the Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game, as well as the Pokemon Trading Card Game.


As a long time buyer of trading cards, I became obsessed with hunting down the coolest and rarest cards. But after spending hours upon hours searching and watching videos and reading posts on people's results from their packs, boxes, and cases openings - I realized it would be much easier and faster if there was a place that could just give this information directly.

Thanks to the help of players, collectors, and shop owners - I was able to take all pull ratio data, digitize it, and publish it online for anybody from anywhere in the world to access it easily and quickly as possible.


We're working around the clock to upload as much data as we can. As of now there are a grand total of 8,319 cards across 49 sets in the database. We're constantly working on bringing you more sets to our platform so be sure to watch our Announcements page for the latest news.


The goal with this project is to provide a single place for anyone interested in learning about the pull data behind cards. If you're like me and tired of trying to ask people online about pull difficulty or watching videos then I hope this platform can be of some help to you.