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Pulls launches!

June 19, 2019

Very excited to officially announce today marks the very first day is live! This project all started from one question: Where can I find pull rates? Fast forward a couple weeks, long nights and weekends, and a ton of coffee(!!) — and here we are: a newly launched website and a collection of information available and ready for the world to consume.

Speaking of consuming, let's go over how you can use this site. The first and most direct way is using the global search bar where you can type the card you're looking for and will see the most relevant results popup instantly appear for you to choose from. The second method is by visiting the Browse page and searching by the game sets where you can view all available cards for the currently selected set, and can easily filter, sort, and click each to look up their pull rates.

So what games and what cards are posted? As of launch, there are the 9 primary sets from the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. For those unfamiliar, that means the following sets:

But of course this is just the beginning! Over the coming weeks and months, more and more sets from the game — and even potentially games outside of just Dragon Ball Super — will continue to be explored and added to the Pulls database. So be sure to keep coming back and watching out for new updates on our Announcements page to stay in the know and find out what's been added!