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A new challenger has appeared!

July 7, 2019
Can you guess the new game?

Yes you read correctly, a new challenger has appeared — or to put it more directly — an entirely new card game has appeared! And if you were wondering which game, the answer is Pokemon!

With this announcement you can now officially find pull data on your Pokemon cards the same way you can with your Dragon Ball Super cards: either by using the global search bar or browsing by sets. Notice how Chariz immediately lists all of the results for Charizard:

Image: preview screenshot of searching for Pokemon cards.

Of course trying to research, gather, and publish 20+ years of a card game is obviously no walk in the park, so rather than try and take on everything at once it became apparent that doing it in pieces would be a much more effective approach. This way we can still provide users quick access to data as we obtain it, while also allowing more time for us to make sure everything is properly covered.

So which ones will be available? As of today, we have the 10 primary sets from the Sun & Moon era. For those unfamiliar, that means the following sets:

Special thanks to the entire Pokemon collector E4 community for being so generous in sharing their time and data! And most definitely a huge shoutout to Scott Pratte, aka @smpratte, for being nothing but supportive of this crazy idea from the start, the patience to work through and share feedback on the site, and just for being a genuine human being .

Remember there's many, many, many(!!) more sets to cover in this historical trading card game so be sure to keep checking back and watching out for new updates on our Announcements page to stay up to date and find out what's been added!